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About Us

AKUAGA is a brand with the goal of encapsulating the luxury within all customers. From apparel, to accessories, to all the amazing branches to come, AKUAGA aims to inspire every individual to appreciate the power of confidence and modesty.


What does AKUAGA mean?

Where does the name come from?


The name "AKUAGA" stems from our founder's Ghanaian traditional name, "Akua" which means "born on a Wednesday" and her last two initials, G&A, standing for "Gifty", her middle name, and her last name, "Adu Boahen". 

​AKUAGA stands to represent, as a brand, the importance of manifesting success. Success is subjective, and whether it applies to your self-worth or financial status, leading with the mindset of success is half the battle.

With the creation of this name, the founder wanted there to not only be a cultural significance, but a morale aspect as well. If we take a look at the name "Akuaga" it consists of the name Akua Gifty Adu-Boahen, giving us the initials of A.G.A.

A.G.A = A Golden Attire

We provide the battlesuit necessary for your achievement in instant success. Choose from a simple hat to embroidered pants. Each suit of armor is laced with the lining of luxury, and the seams of satisfaction, so no matter what war wages on, you can always be prepared.


Our CEO, Samuella A. Boahen shares an important message to all:

"The power of confidence in modesty is prodigious."

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